Becoming an Expert Facilitator

This 3-day Summer Institute is transformative for anyone who leads groups of colleagues or students, especially teachers, administrators, and department chairs. Participants will gain new tools, tactics, and a personalized work plan containing strategies to improve their facilitation techniques.

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Emerging Leaders (Northern California)

This program will provide new leaders and educators growing into leadership roles, with tools and strategies to transition successfully into their current position. Participants will engage in focused conversations around navigating colleague dynamics, becoming a supervisor, prioritizing tasks, and engaging in effective communication strategies.

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Leadership Fellows Program

educators collaborating in a professional development workshop

This year-long fellowship for experienced educators from throughout California supports the unique demands of independent school leaders—the only program of its kind in California!

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Gender Sexuality Professional Alliance

Engaged educators in a discussion, symbolizing personalized coaching tailored to individual needs and schedules.

This working group of LGBTQ+* professionals will provide a unique opportunity for educators to connect in a confidential, respectful, and relaxed atmosphere. The ultimate goal is to develop a network of LGBTQ+ educators which continues well beyond our three meetings.

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Women + Leadership (Northern California)

Join the California Teacher Development Collaborative at the 13th annual Women + Leadership Conference! This one-day event provides inspiration and support for equity-centered women educators in navigating their professional journeys with purpose.

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Leaders of Color: A Professional Learning Community for New and Returning Participants

This professional learning community is an opportunity for leaders of color in independent schools in California and the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS) to reflect on and aspire forward in their journeys as leaders. Open to returning and new participants, this leadership professional learning community is for experienced, emerging and questioning leaders of color at all stages of their careers.

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Competency Works! Leading Competency-Based Learning Initiatives

Executive Funcitioning workshop with CATDC

Competency-based education is an approach to learning that ensures all learners develop explicitly defined, measurable, and transferable essential skills and dispositions by making continuous progress toward competency. In this 6-hour Summer Institute, participants will spend the morning hearing the story of one’s school’s process and learnings, with opportunities for engagement and connection. In the afternoon, individuals and school teams will work to chart a course for their own school’s journey.

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