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For over 20 years, the California Teacher Development Collaborative (formerly the Bay Area Teacher Development Collaborative) has been committed to supporting and enriching the professional lives of local educators. With a small but mighty team, a diverse and dedicated Board representing schools from across California, and nearly 150 member schools throughout the state, CATDC is uniquely positioned to be an ongoing source of connection, collaboration, and learning for California independent school educators, meeting them where they are and taking them to the next steps of their professional journeys.

CATDC believes that every young person and adult in our schools should be supported to thrive. Advancing equity is a core value and a strategic priority. This means that CATDC serves as a resource for educators and schools in the ongoing work of disrupting systems, practices, and policies that prevent full participation of underrepresented and underserved groups. CATDC works in collaboration with the CATDC community to create more just and equitable schools.

CATDC staff are committed to growing individually as equity practitioners through reflection, learning, and practice. CATDC acknowledges that independent schools are often rooted in a history of racism and white privilege and addresses equity challenges as complex and ongoing places of inquiry. The CATDC team is committed to the growth and success of each colleague as well as a work environment of care, honest communication, and effective collaboration.


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