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"I signed up for this workshop to learn more about unit design to improve my teaching. I walked away inspired to make my school better."

- Curriculum Mapping Participant

Promote opportunities for development and professional growth.

Support collaboration among educators and schools.

Inspire teachers to become leaders.

Upcoming Opportunities

Northern California

Gender-Sexuality Professional Alliance Group

Gender Sexuality Professional Alliance Group (Bay Area)

Oct 22, Dec 10, Feb 6, Mar 24
Facilitators: Laura Cartwright, Tamisha Williams

Support for Supporters

Support for Supporters (Bay Area)

Oct 24, Mar 3, May 5
Facilitators: Violet Borowski, Katherine Preston

Department Chairs Program

Department Chairs Program (Bay Area)

Oct 28, Nov 13, Jan 23, Mar 26
Facilitators: Tom Malarkey, Shahana Sarkar

Navigating Those Tricky Conversations

Navigating Those Tricky Conversations (Bay Area)

November 5-6, 2019
Facilitators: Rachel Concannon, Leslie Powell

Experienced Administrators

Experienced Administrators: Leading Through Change (Bay Area)

Nov 14, Jan 14, Mar 4, Apr 22
Facilitators: Kate Sheppard

Southern California

Math Professional Learning Community

Math Professional Learning Community (LA)

Oct 22, Dec 5, Jan 28, Mar 10
Facilitator: Chris Luzniak

History/Social Science Teacher Professional Learning Community

History/Social Science Teacher Professional Learning Community(LA)

Oct 23, Dec 12, Feb 4, Mar 13
Facilitators: Matthew Cutler, Daniel Gutierrez, Helen Mendoza

Mindfulness in the K-12 Classroom

Mindfulness in the K-12 Classroom (LA)

Oct 24, Dec 4, Feb 10, Mar 17
Facilitator: Dave Mochel

Department Chairs Program

Department Chairs Program (LA)

Oct 25, Dec 4, Jan 31, Mar 13
Facilitator: Deborah Dowling

Support for Supporters

Support for Supporters: The Business of Relationship Management (LA)

November 7, 2019

Facilitator: Kate Sheppard

Pillars of Learning



Whether you are a classroom teacher, an aspiring leader, or an experienced administrator, our programs provide you with the opportunity to develop key skills and habits of mind to lead effective teams in positive, impactful ways.



With a focus on fostering joyous, safe, healthy, and supportive school communities, these programs provide tools and strategies to support the emotional well-being of students and adults.



Informed by the latest educational research, our programs provide opportunities to improve classroom practices and design coursework that will lead to more engaging and meaningful learning experiences for your students.



To ensure all students and school stakeholders have the opportunity to learn and thrive in our schools, we offer equity-centered programs that will increase your capacity to create responsive classrooms, inclusive curricula, affinity spaces, and school communities that are supportive of everyone.


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