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CATDC creates transformative learning experiences with educators, supporting dynamic collaborations that center equity, spark innovation, and foster impactful teaching and leadership.


Our vision is to be the most inspiring and empowering source of connection, collaboration, and learning for California independent school educators, meeting them where they are and taking them to the next step of their professional journeys in order to better serve students in a changing world.


Decentering the Western Canon: Humanities Curriculum Cohort

Humanities educators have a critical role in supporting the affirming and illuminating experiences we want our students to have as they encounter diverse stories and voices. CATDC’s Humanities Curriculum Cohort will provide a space where teachers can share what's working for them, get support on what's not yet working optimally in their classrooms, and pilot new strategies using critical friends or lesson study protocols. This group will also support navigating conversations with colleagues about culturally responsive teaching practices. Participants will gain classroom strategies, routines, and protocols that center the unique needs of their students.

Decolonizing Science Curriculum Series


In this interactive and practical series, science educators of all levels will engage with the concept of decolonizing their curricula, as well as reflect on concepts, tools, and resources that can be integrated into specific lessons and content. Shifting away from euro-centric, white supremacist structures and classroom power dynamics, participants will debunk the assumption that this work can happen more naturally in the humanities. Throughout the series, participants will have the opportunity to build or workshop lessons with fellow educators and develop a long-term plan for continuing this work within their departments, divisions, and school communities.

Personalized Coaching that Meets Your Needs and Fits Your Schedule


CATDC coaches help educators identify areas for growth, set achievable goals, and transform their practice.


At CATDC, we believe that every young person and adult in our schools should be supported to thrive. Advancing equity is a core value and a strategic priority. This means that CATDC serves as a resource for educators and schools in the ongoing work of disrupting systems, practices, and policies that prevent full participation of underrepresented and underserved groups. We work in collaboration with the CATDC community to create more just and equitable schools.


Accountability in the Digital World: Navigating the Complex Social Media Landscape in Partnership with our Students

Our students' lives are intertwined with the digital world and they share that they often feel watched, but not seen, by the adults who mentor them. This two-part series will be facilitated by Dr. Devorah Heitner, educator and author of Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World and Growing Up in Public: Coming of Age in the Digital World, and Dashka Slater, New York Times bestselling author of The 57 Bus, whose most recent book, Accountable, tells the true story of the lasting impact of a racist social media account on the lives of a group of high school students

Supporting Neurodivergence in Early Childhood Education Through Sensory Regulation, Classroom Design, and Motor Development

This day-long workshop for early childhood educators will explore how to support neurodivergent learners through sensory regulation, classroom design, and motor development. The brain's readiness for learning is greatly impacted by the environment in which the learning takes place. When the brain becomes overstimulated, it may quickly become dysregulated. In a child, dysregulation often leads to many "challenging" behaviors. Oftentimes, by shifting our focus away from the behavior and instead looking for possible environmental triggers, we find ways to more intentionally set up our learning spaces for student success.

Earn Graudate Level Credits


CATDC is partnering with Courses4Teachers to offer University of the Pacific graduate-level professional development semester units/credits for your participation in CATDC programming!

Pillars of Learning



Whether you are a classroom teacher, an aspiring leader, or an experienced administrator, our programs provide you with the opportunity to develop key skills and habits of mind to lead effective teams in positive, impactful ways.



With a focus on fostering joyous, safe, healthy, and supportive school communities, these programs provide tools and strategies to support the emotional well-being of students and adults.



Informed by the latest educational research, our programs provide opportunities to improve classroom practices and design coursework that will lead to more engaging and meaningful learning experiences for your students.



To ensure all students and school stakeholders have the opportunity to learn and thrive in our schools, we offer equity-centered programs that will increase your capacity to create responsive classrooms, inclusive curricula, affinity spaces, and school communities that are supportive of everyone.


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