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Supporting Great Teachers to Stay

As a former Dean of Faculty at an independent school and now Executive Director of the California Teacher Development Collaborative (CATDC), I know well the energy and resources that go into recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new faculty. Given the shortage of teachers in California as well as greater attrition and churn, I have been giving…

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Our Growing Team

The CATDC is thrilled to announce that our team is growing! We have hired two Associate Director of Programs to support our program and membership growth in Southern and Northern California. We have also brought on our Central California consultant, Josie Bahedry, to work with us in an ongoing capacity as our Central California Program…

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Healthy Sexuality Education

I became the “consent lady” by default. A health educator for 25 years, I value all aspects of wellness–sex education included. While developing the Health program at the Urban School in San Francisco, my colleague and fellow health education teacher, Jenn, and I were both juggling parenting commitments and child care, and trying to create…

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