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The Importance of Hiring Well

Head-Royce, along with many Bay Area Independent Schools, prioritizes hiring a top-notch, diverse faculty in order to support our mission, ensure effective teaching and learning, ...
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15 Books (and Anti-Racist Resources) to Add to Your Summer Reading List

As summer approaches, I get excited for the change in pace that allows me to spend time reading books that I had been hoping to ...
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Changing Lives Through Collaboration

“We must stretch our hearts again and again.”--Isiah NyongesaSilver Springs Secondary School, Nairobi Creative collaboration with teachers in the service of student learning has been ...
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Rethinking Teacher Evaluation in Independent Schools

Working in schools is a vulnerable act. Every day can feel like a high-stakes performance review in front of an audience of young evaluators: performing ...
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Of Bake Sales, Menstrual Pads, and the Oscars

A still captured from the Oakwood GLI Pad Project Kickstarter It was mostly a typical Wednesday afternoon at Oakwood School. During the lunch break, a ...
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Leading With the Brain in Mind

Leading others can be daunting. Over the last couple years, I have partnered with the CATDC to offer programs that help independent school leaders understand ...
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