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Black Lives Matter: Resources and a Commitment from CATDC

We are angry and sad. The recent horrific murder of George Floyd, coming on the heels of the killing of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, ...
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How to Extend and Deepen Learning after Professional Development

Amidst a rapidly changing world, educators are charged with not only keeping abreast with the trends in their subject areas, but also remaining curious and ...
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Expeditions: Self-Directed Professional Development at Sonoma Academy

Sonoma Academy calls its students to be creative, ethical, and committed to learning. The school nurtures inspiring teachers and engages with the surrounding community, and ...
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Camping and The Pleasure of Small Things at Peninsula School

At Peninsula School, our values include authentic interactions, community, equity, freedom and responsibility, meaningful academics, and play. Keeping these core values in our hearts allows ...
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Connecting Education to Community Impact

I am going to begin with a true and uncomfortable statement. The schools where we teach are very expensive. Crazy expensive. In fact, tuition for ...
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The Use of Being Useful

One October a few short years ago, a Midland student named Cruz was visiting a college on his application list and found himself eating alone ...
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