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How to Add Movement to Your Lessons

“If you feel thirsty, your students are probably dehydrated.” I learned this statement in college while training to become a backpacking leader for freshman orientation ...
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Building an Emotionally Intelligent Team — an excerpt from The Art of Coaching Teams

Excerpted from The Art of Coaching Teams by Elena Aguilar. Copyright © 2016 by Elena Aguilar. Reprinted with permission of the publisher. All rights reserved. ...
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How to Start Your Own Women’s Leadership Circle

Professional Development is akin to a triple lattè for passionate educators. Taking a day to attend a workshop to learn a new skill, get inspired ...
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Leaders of Change: Profiles from BATTI’s New Leadership Program

In 2015, BATTI launched an innovative new Educational Leadership program, designed to support Bay Area educators who were ready to move into a leadership role. ...
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Letter from Lisa Haney, Incoming Executive Director

Dear CATDC Community, I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year, and to express my great excitement about taking ...
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Permission to Pause

There is a fine balance between the traditions that we wish to keep in our independent schools and the push of innovation that encourages us ...
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