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A Letter from Incoming Southern California Director, Shauna Davis

I am truly honored to join the CATDC community and energized to continue evolving dynamic programs in partnership with CATDC’s forward-thinking team. As a participant ...
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Building Community for People of Color in Independent Schools

The year is 2009. I am a young teacher, eager to change the lives of my students. I have read the books, gained a mentor, ...
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Coaching: the Eyes, Ears and Wise Guidance We Need

Education is more than the information we accumulate in our heads. It’s the habits we develop as we keep revising our drafts and the skills ...
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What can jazz teach us about democracy…and our classrooms?

For you, what is important to know about America? Why does that matter? How might you impart this knowledge to your students? These questions are ...
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What it Means to be White: We’ll Never Know if We Don’t Learn to Sit Deep Within It

I was well into my twenties the first time I was confronted with my racial identity. I’d just begun the Mills College Credential program and ...
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The Social-Emotional Challenges of Returning to Campus

It is hard to believe that it has been over a year since we closed our schools and waved goodbye to our students and families ...
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