Teaching Foundations (Northern California)

Jul 29, 2024—Aug 02, 2024


Head-Royce School | Oakland, CA

Cost Early Bird Pricing for Members (Available until July 2): $2,780 members; $2,345 group-rate 3+; $4,360 non-members

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Teaching Foundations

MEET & GREET: July 29, 2024 | 3:00pm - 5:00pm | Location to be announced

SESSION 1: July 30, 2024 | 9:00am - 3:00pm | Head-Royce School

SESSION 2: July 31, 2024 | 9:00am - 3:00pm | Head-Royce School

SESSION 3: August 1, 2024 | 9:00am - 3:00pm | Head-Royce School

SESSION 4: August 2, 2024 | 9:00am - 3:00pm | Head-Royce School


This program is designed to support the growth and success of all teachers—particularly those in their early years at independent schools—by focusing on foundational areas of teaching. Teachers must be ready for new forms of learning, adopting and refining their curriculum and practice to respond to the ever changing demands while simultaneously developing a steadiness that promotes their own well-being and safeguards the social-emotional needs of their students. 

Sessions are organized around the following topics: identity and culture (self, school, and learning environment); lesson design and pedagogy; building successful professional relationships; communication and feedback; and sustaining a career in teaching.

Led by master teachers, administrators, and guest presenters, this respected program provides participants with personalized attention and specific instruction that is adaptable for all grade levels. Emphasis is placed on modeling and using inclusive practices for lesson planning, classroom management, and assessment, as well as on developing time management and communication skills, cultural humility, and confidence as an advisor and leader.


Early career educators, educators new to independent schools, educators looking to reinvigorate and reinspire their teaching practices.



Leslie Powell is a veteran educator and lifelong learner with a degree in developmental psychology and a multiple subjects credential. In her tenure at Head-Royce she has held many leadership positions including lead teacher, Dean of Faculty & Students in the summer program, Instructional Coach, Associate Teacher program director as well as her current role as Assistant Head of Lower School. A skillful and effective communicator, Leslie strives to create inclusive and engaging learning spaces as a means to foster strong, positive relationships and authentic dialogue.


Amanda Raynor (she/her) currently works as the Program Manager and Northern California Associate Director of Programs for CATDC. Prior to joining CATDC, she spent 9 years at The Hamlin School in San Francisco and has worked in education for roughly 15 years. Next year, Amanda will be returning to the classroom at St. Paul's Episcopal School in Oakland. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from California State University, Chico, Amanda went on to pursue her Multiple Subject Credential, along with a Masters in Education that emphasized recruiting and retaining teachers of color. In addition to working as a first and second grade teacher at Hamlin, she has served as an Associate Teacher Coach, Lower School Affinity Groups Coordinator, and a resident teacher supervisor for the BATTI program.

Steven Spangenberg

Steven Spangenberg currently works as a science teacher at Marin Academy.  Steven grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and after earning a BS in Chemistry from The Ohio State University, he moved to Washington DC and worked towards an MS in Chemistry at Georgetown University. Through his experiences studying Chemistry and being a Teaching Assistant, he realized that education was his calling. He has worked in both public and private schools throughout his 9 years of teaching high school science. Steven is focused on creating authentic assessment experiences, engaging in debate on different pedagogical approaches, and inspiring students to become lifelong learners.

Logan Wallace, CATDC Facilitator

Logan Wallace (he/him) is a mid-career educator at Head-Royce School in Oakland, where he teaches 6th and 7th grade English. A first generation college graduate, Logan grew up in Berkeley, California and after graduating from Berkeley High School, went to Santa Monica College and Syracuse University. He earned an M.Ed from BATTI through University of the Pacific, and is currently working on an MA in English from Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English. Logan identifies as an abolitionist educator, focusing on interrogating systems of power and privilege through literary exploration, with assessments rooted in real world relevance and application. He believes authentic and meaningful learning can’t happen unless students feel safe. Student agency and identity are central elements of his pedagogical approach as well as his curriculum.


Lori Cohen, CATDC Facilitator

Lori Cohen  has worked in education (both public and independent schools) for over two decades serving as a teacher, instructional coach, school leader, and professional development facilitator whose expertise spans a range of topics: new teacher development, writing instruction, culturally responsive teaching practices, team development, Transformational Coaching, equity-focused conversations, resilience-building, curriculum development, growth and evaluation, assessment, and scope/sequence work. Lori brings intentionality and a broad array of skillsets to her design and facilitation—all through the lenses of equity and inclusion. She facilitates with a balance of humility, humor, and heart.


Cancellation Policy

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