Reaching for Wellness: Loss and Joy in the New Year

Feb 23, 2021 2:30PM—4:30PM

Cost $150 members; $100 group-rate; ($225 non-members)

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It’s a new year, a new administration is in place, vaccines are slowly rolling out…why don’t we feel better? Those who work in schools have spent close to a full year adapting, pivoting, planning, stumbling, resetting, innovating, scrapping, and persevering. It has been an exhausting trial. One way for school communities to contend with the emotional intensity and fatigue of this time is to create space for the stories of sorrow and joy that sustain us when we are in crisis. Working with our losses is a new and necessary dimension of achieving wellness and fostering a sense of belonging in our schools.

In this workshop we will use the framework of ambiguous loss pioneered by Pauline Boss to understand our responses to so much uncertainty and ambiguity. While some worry that “giving in” to our sadness will lead to emotional collapse, sharing experiences in a structured, intentional way, provides relief and brings people together. With most of our recognized rituals (e.g. religious services, memorials, funerals, chapel, singing together) off limits at the moment, schools have an opportunity to meet essential human needs by building community in this way. 

Out of necessity we will meet at the end of the school day. Just bring yourself, a delicious snack or beverage, and something to write with. This restorative session will be supportive, as we all contend with the ongoing challenge of managing complex feelings.

Join psychologist and long-time educational consultant, Jennifer Bryan, (Team Finch Consultants; Re-Set School) for stories, strategies and community. 

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Jennifer Bryan, PhD, is a psychologist, consultant, coach, speaker and author with over 37 years of experience working in educational and clinical settings. As founder and principal of Team Finch Consultants, she specializes in helping schools and organizations create inclusive communities by understanding and addressing gender and sexuality diversity. She is also the founder and managing partner of Re-Set School, created by a diverse team of experienced educators who initially came together in the Spring of 2020 to help school leaders make their communities stronger, more cohesive, and more adaptive during the Covid-19 pandemic. The massive disruption of PreK-12 education caused by the pandemic is an ongoing challenge, but also an opportunity to reconsider the usual way of doing business. Jennifer and her colleagues are committed to helping schools come out of this disruption with practices that are fully aligned with mission and values.


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