Teaching Strategies for Hybrid & Hyflex Learning During Uncertain Times: Creating Broad Frameworks-That-Do-It-All

Feb 09, 2021 9:00AM—11:00AM

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What are some of the elements that make up a resilient course that can flex according to students’ needs? What things do you need to incorporate into a course whether it’s in-person or online? What does this model look like?  In this workshop, participants will explore the components of hybrid learning in order to create their own flexible course structure. Join us for Creating Broad Frameworks-That-Do-It-All, a workshop that will help make your courses more efficient, streamlined, participatory and engaging to meet student and instructor needs in a hybrid and uncertain environment. In addition to the strategies we will present, we will use participants’ responses to a pre-survey to help guide our work together. 

Participants will:

  • Define hybrid and hyflex learning and its various structures
  • Identify teaching & learning strategies/frameworks used for hybrid learning
  • Identify and highlight technology (e.g. Jamboard, Loom videos, Zoom, Padlet, FlipGrid, Discussion boards, etc.) to enhance students’ learning experience and outcomes in hybrid environments
  • Evaluate the silver linings & opportunities associated with building hyflex courses
  • Your goal! What do you hope to get out of this workshop? Fill out this pre-survey!

This workshop is intended for middle and high school educators.

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Ellie Beyers is the Science Department Chair at Marin Academy and has been teaching Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, and Environmental Science at MA for the past 10 years. Ellie began her teaching career in England, where she taught GCSE and A-level Chemistry at Lord Lawson of Beamish School. She then taught Chemistry and Honors Chemistry at Crystal Springs Uplands School. Ellie received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Chemistry from Newcastle University, spending an exchange year at Waterloo University in Ontario, Canada. She was awarded her Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), specializing in teaching Secondary School Science, from Newcastle University.


Liz Gottlieb has been teaching Biology, Chemistry, Advanced Biology, and Environmental Science at Marin Academy for the last 21 years. Liz was a founding Bay Area BlendEd Consortium teacher, leading 3 successful cycles of Bay Area Field Ecology and in 2019 launched a new immersive blended summer trimester course called Wilderness Studies for the Consortium. Liz earned a B.A. from Colby College and also a Masters of Science in Science Education from Montana State University. (Capstone project in 2017, “How does developing an online field ecology course to support high school students impact my growth as a teacher.”) She began her teaching career by participating in Teach for America, where she taught seventh- and eighth-grade science at Roosevelt Middle School in Compton, California.

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