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Back to School: Creating Safe, Equitable Spaces for All

Anyone who has been following the news this past summer has noticed much tumult in the world and in our nation. The marches and counter-protests ...
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4 Must-Read Books for the Beginning of the School Year

Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain This book by Zaretta Hammond draws on cutting-edge neuroscience research to offer an innovative approach for designing and implementing ...
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Lean Into Discomfort: Developing Better Skills to Really Talk about Race in Schools

As we post this, events are unfolding in Charlottesville and across the nation that bring a new urgency to our need to increase our racial ...
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“Make Box Brownies”: A Summer Pilgrimage

For educators, summer means many things: catching up on all the TV and books one missed during the school year; taking vacations; sleeping in; engaging ...
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Summer School: Gearing Up for Teaching Foundations 2017

We’re well into the 21st Century, and the buzzwords of a new era are part of our daily lexicon now: project-based learning, design thinking, differentiation, ...
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The Learning Continues

At the end of my final faculty meeting as Dean of Faculty Development at The Athenian School, I invited everyone to turn and talk to ...
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