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Upcoming Workshops and Events

– Upcoming Workshops –
San Francisco Bay Area

Support for Supporters
Oct 23, Mar 5, May 2
Facilitators: Violet Borowski and Katherine Preston

Creating Inclusive Classrooms (Bay Area)
Oct 25
Facilitator: Rosetta Lee

Stanley H. King Counseling Institute (Bay Area)
Oct 26-28
times vary
Facilitators: Ellen Porter Honnet, Paula Chu, Roland Davis, Melanie Drane

Navigating Those Tricky Conversations (Bay Area)
Nov 6-7
Facilitators: Rachel Concannon and Leslie Powell

Aspiring Women Administrators of Color (Bay Area)
Nov 9
Facilitators: Lori Cohen, Shoba Farrell, Juna McDaid, Tamisha Williams

Experienced Administrators: The Art of Leading
Nov 13, Feb 5, Apr 16
Facilitator: Kate Sheppard

Mathematical Thinking Professional Learning Community
Nov 16, Feb 5, Mar 8, May 3
Times vary
Facilitators: David Louis, Avery Pickford, and Diali Bose-Roy

Department Chairs Program
Dec 5, Feb 12, Apr 17, TBD
Times vary
Facilitators: Tom Malarkey and Shahana Sarkar

The Impact of Human-Centered Design and Storytelling

Dec 7
Facilitators: Judi Brown, Stacey Kertsman, Annie Makela, Guybe Slangen 

The Impact of People and Communities Working Together
Jan 17
Facilitators: Blake Kohn & Guybe Slangen

Power and Presence: A Workshop for Women in Leadership
Feb 8
Facilitators: Wanda M. Holland Greene & Crystal Land 

Building Better Brains
Feb 12
Facilitator: Dr. Sharon Saline

The Impact of Finance and Entrepreneurship
Feb 15
Facilitator: Annie Makela

Using Circles as a Restorative Practice in Independent Schools
Mar 15
Facilitators: Ruth Bissell & Loren Moyé

The Impact of Small Actions Toward Big Change
Mar 21
Facilitators: Stacey Kertsman & Anjelika Deogirikar Grossman 

Cultivating Creativity
Mar 29
Facilitator: Jodie Ricci

– Upcoming Workshops –
Southern California

Developing Your Leadership Capacity
Oct 22, Dec 3, Jan 15, Mar 12
Facilitators: Sarina Fierro and Sharon Thompson

Support for Supporters
Oct 22
Facilitators: Melanie Drane, Ellen Porter Honnet

Student-Teacher Boundaries in the School Community
Oct 23
Facilitators: Melanie Drane, Ellen Porter Honnet

CATDC Leadership Fellows Program
Oct 25-26, Dec 7, Feb 8, Apr 12
Times vary
Facilitators: Reveta Bowers and Debbie Reed

Department Chairs Program
Nov 2, Dec 5, Jan 17, Mar 12
Facilitator: Deborah Dowling

Teaching and Leading to Achieve Racial Equity in Education (LA)
Nov 7
Facilitator: Dr. Pedro Noguera

The Art of Leading Educators (LA)
Nov 29-30
Facilitator: Kate Sheppard

Purposeful Design and Making Program
Dec 5, Feb 14, Apr 17
Facilitator: John Umekubo

The CATDC creates engaging learning experiences for teachers and leaders by focusing locally and supporting dynamic collaborations that spark innovation and foster excellence in education.

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