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Saya McKenna

Saya McKenna is the Assistant Head for Academics at the Drew School in San Francisco. As a school leader, Saya seeks to operate with vision, passion and purpose as her guiding stars for decision making and community building. In her 20 years of professional experience in teaching and administration, Saya has served in many roles, including Interim Head of Upper School, Assistant Head of Upper School, Director of Global Education, and Grade Level Dean at the Head Royce School in Oakland. Saya is a curriculum innovator with a special focus on developing relevant, student-centered, interdisciplinary courses. Saya is most grateful for the many opportunities she has had to grow and develop as an educator and a leader– and for the many people who have fostered her growth over the years. She is excited to work together with the CATDC and her co-facilitators to build a strong cohort of emerging leaders in Northern California schools.

Current Workshops


Emerging Leaders (Northern California)

This program will provide new leaders and educators growing into leadership roles, with tools and strategies to transition successfully into their current position. Participants will engage in focused conversations around navigating colleague dynamics, becoming a supervisor, prioritizing tasks, and engaging in effective communication strategies.

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