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Sarah Older Aguilar

Sarah Older Aguilaris the Humanities Department Chair at Vistamar School in El Segundo, CA, where she has taught a variety of integrated Humanities and Literature courses over the past 14 years. In collaboration with a brilliant team of colleagues, her work focuses on curating a richly diverse array of topics, texts, and teaching practices intended to expand students’ understanding of the world and their place within it. She is currently motivated to infuse her classes with more poetry to cultivate student creativity and voice–and to increase opportunities for students to see diverse reflections of their lived experiences. Sarah earned her doctorate in Comparative Literature from UCLA, where her research centered broadly on African-American and Latin-American literary traditions and, more specifically, the fields of trauma studies and collective memory.  When she is not reading, writing, or teaching, Sarah might be found practicing warrior two, growing tomatoes, or trying to master her favorite pan dulce recipes.

Current Workshops

An independent school educator building student capacity.

Decentering the Western Canon: Humanities Curriculum Cohort

CATDC’s Humanities Curriculum Cohort will provide a space where teachers can share what's working for them, get support on what's not yet working optimally in their classrooms, and pilot new strategies using critical friends or lesson study protocols. This group will also support navigating conversations with colleagues about culturally responsive teaching practices. Participants will gain classroom strategies, routines, and protocols that center the unique needs of their students.

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