Online Program FAQs

A. Whenever possible, it is always a good practice to try to log on 10 minutes before the start of a workshop so you have time to troubleshoot. In order to be fully present, CATDC staff may not be able to check email once the program begins and you may encounter long wait times in response to any email sent at or after the start time of the workshop. While you wait, please try any or all of the following tips. While we don't know why Zoom link or password errors occur, here are some things you can try:


  • Make sure you are using the most current version of Zoom. Currently, we are operating Version 5.2.1.
  • Force quit Zoom and reopen the application
  • Restart your computer
  • Clear your browser history or try a different browser. For instance, if Chrome is not working, try Safari or Firefox.
  • Go directly to the Zoom client app and manually enter the meeting ID and password

A. We can see the people in the waiting room and admit people promptly once the workshop begins. There is no need to let us know. If you are in the waiting room for an extended period of time, here are possible reasons why:


  • It is before the start time of the event
  • We are just wrapping up breakout rooms and would prefer you to wait for those to finish before admitting you.
  • Your screen name does not match your registration name and therefore we can't identify you.

A. Unfortunately, we do not offer recordings of our workshops. Our workshops are very intentionally designed to be interactive. In order to protect the privacy of participants who may not consent to be recorded and account for break out groups and other activities, clear recordings would be time-consuming for us to make and compromise the outcomes intended. However, we will be happy to connect with you or connect you to the facilitator if you would like more information on the workshop.

A. Yes, we always keep an eye on the waiting room. When you are ready to rejoin the workshop, we will admit you as soon as possible. 

A. If you know the name of the Zoom account that you think you will use, please email us at least 20 minutes before the workshop so we can make a note of that and be on the lookout for your alternative screen name. We aim to create a secure and safe environment for our participants to learn and we do not admit anyone whose name does not match the roster. Knowing ahead of time what screen name you will use, will help us admit you sooner. Once you are in the Zoom room, please rename yourself to match what is on the roster. That will help us and your fellow participants know who you are.

A. Being able to see all of the participants’ faces helps build a strong community within the workshop. However, we understand that there are many valid reasons why your screen may need to be off. Having your video on is strongly encouraged but not required.

A. We believe that our participants have the best experience in our programs when they can fully engage with video and see each other’s faces.  However, we understand that this isn’t always possible!  Joining by phone, while not optimal, is just fine.  

Please let us know if you have any other questions!