Natalie Babcock

Natalie Babcock is an elementary school educator at The Center for Early Education (CEE) in West Hollywood, California. After cutting her teeth in the Early Childhood sector, Natalie earned her Masters Degree and Teaching Credential from Bay Area Teacher Training Institute (BATTI), in Oakland, California. In 2018, Natalie moved back home to her native Los Angeles and worked in LAUSD as a fifth grade teacher. Today, Natalie calls CEE home and is proud to be in her fourth year at The Center, currently working in the Upper Elementary Division. She has contributed essays to the Los Angeles Times and hosts a Children’s storytelling podcast called Small Tales.

Current Workshops


Building Blocks: Community, Coaching, & Strategies for Classroom Educators

Building Blocks strengthens participants’ fundamental teaching skills and emphasizes inclusive practices for unit design, equitable classroom management, navigating school culture, deepening cultural competencies, and engaging confidently as a teacher leader. Participants will build community with each other, work with diverse educational leaders from the CATDC community, and have the opportunity to engage in two individual, 30-minute coaching sessions over the course of the program.

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Teaching Foundations (Southern California)

The Teaching Foundations program is designed to support the growth and success of all teachers—particularly those in their early years at independent schools—by focusing on foundational areas of teaching.

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