Monique Marshall, CATDC Facilitator

Monique Marshall

Founder of Monique Marshall Strategy & Consulting, Monique is a Diversity, Equity, and Belonging consultant and educator who has been working with children, teachers, and administrators in independent and public schools for over 30 years. With a BS in Elementary Education from Skidmore College and a master's degree from Bank Street Graduate School in New York City, Monique has been working with and learning from young people her entire adult life!

Monique has worn many hats over her years in the school communities where she has worked. During her 25 years at Wildwood school in Los Angeles, Monique founded and co-advised the two-decade-old K-5 student diversity group, co-facilitated the parent diversity group, co-founded the 3rd-5th grade BIPOC student affinity group, and was a proud founding member of the school’s Multicultural Leadership Team. Monique has recently been named co-executive director of SoCal POCIS (Southern California People of Color in Independent Schools). Monique is also a proud parent of two adulting children who continue to be her most inspiring teachers.

As an equity consultant, Monique has positively impacted many independent and public school communities, K-12 educators across the country, and groups of people dedicated to anti-racism work through her responsive, personalized, hands-on approach. Monique gives people the tools they need to navigate complex topics personally, interpersonally, and within the structures of their institutions.

Current Workshops

CATDC coach or consultant providing personalized guidance to a teacher, setting goals for professional growth in a 1-1 session.

Finding Joy, Connection & Community: Support for DEI Practitioners

Facilitated by two educators who have designed and led decades of equity and diversity work throughout southern California independent schools, this five-session series is intended for people who are doing DEI work in both official and “unofficial” roles in their schools. The community we co-create will offer participants space for affirming connection – where shared stories, skill building, reflection, and collaborative learning are centered.

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