Meena Tahiliani

Meena Tahiliani is the Middle School Director of Teaching and Learning at Crystal Springs Uplands School.  She has taught math in middle schools for 14 years, and has served as a department lead or math coach for 8 of those years. Meena is a firm believer in the importance of discovering ideas and constructing knowledge collaboratively; she is convinced that every student is a "math person" but many have yet to recognize their capacity to reason mathematically and experience the joy of exploring the world through numbers. She is ever seeking to improve her practice and experienced significant gains for her students after engaging in Instructional Growth for Equity last year.

Current Workshops


Instructional Growth for Equity

In this year-long learning experience, teachers will engage in a research-based process to promote instructional growth and equity in the classroom. Educators will have an opportunity to reflect on their practice, generate questions regarding efficacy, gather data through observations, and receive feedback to promote new understandings and new practices.

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