Mavi Pilloton, CATDC Facilitator and Coach

Mavi Pilloton

Mavi Pilloton (they/them), M.Ed, is an experienced educator and DEI trainer/facilitator with over 10 years of experience working in Marin County public and independent schools. They most recently served as the Director of the Training Institute at The Spahr Center, a Marin County-based organization that provides programs and services to the LGBTQ+ and HIV communities, and previously, they have also held various roles in education such as DEI Educator and Appointed Member of DEI Leadership Teams, professional development consultant, gender-inclusive athletics consultant, program designer and facilitator for CATDC, kindergarten through fourth grade after-school program manager, basketball coach, and more. Mavi graduated from UC Davis one quarter early in 2013 and earned their Master's in Education, Equity, and Social Justice in December 2022. Their thesis project involved developing a curriculum of professional development workshops designed for elementary educators and supporting them in building LGBTQ+ inclusive, equitable schools and communities. In their work, Mavi loves to empower queer and trans folks, support local schools and organizations in their inclusive practices, and develop curriculum for and facilitate trainings for all audiences. Mavi is queer, trans/non-binary, multiracial, and grew up in Marin County.

Current Workshops

Women in Tech workshop

Educator Cohort Committed to Queer and Trans Inclusion and Equity in Schools

In this program, participants who self-identify as queer and/or trans and participants who are active allies for queer and trans communities will meet throughout the school year to build and strengthen their practices as educators in supporting and empowering queer and trans students, staff, and folks within their school communities.

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Past Workshops


Gender Basics for Educators

In this workshop, educators and school staff will have the chance to learn about the dimensions and complexities of gender. Participants will reflect on their own genders, explore what they know and what they can learn about transgender identities, and practice pronouns and inclusive language around gender.


Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Student Athletes

In this interactive virtual workshop, we will examine the current state of athletics and the policies that affect trans and non-binary athletes, review gender identities and inclusive language, and brainstorm ways to make athletic programs and institutions more equitable for all genders.

Women in Tech workshop

Building LGBTQ+ Inclusive Schools and Communities for Elementary Educators

In this 3-part workshop series , participants will review LGBTQ+ identities, learn how to develop an LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum, train on how to prevent misgendering and address microaggressions, practice the use of gender-neutral/inclusive language, develop LGBTQ+ inclusive and equitable classroom and school policies and infrastructure, and engage in discussions around personal identity reflection.