Loren Moyé

Loren Moyé has been teaching for 29 years, 22 of those years at San Francisco Day School. Prior to SF Day, he taught in the San Francisco Unified School District. His teaching experience covers third and fourth grades, all subjects, and seventh and eighth-grade math. He was formerly a co-director of Aim High, a free summer program for low-income middle school youth in the Bay area. He is currently the Director of Diversity and Dean of Faculty at SF Day and on the staff for the National SEED Project.

Past Workshops

CATDC coach or consultant providing personalized guidance to a teacher, setting goals for professional growth in a 1-1 session.

Surviving and Sustaining: People of Color in Independent Schools

This three-part online workshop serves to encourage local collaboration and provide tangible takeaways that affirm the experiences of People of Color (PoC) in independent schools and the broader community.


From Theory to Action: DEI for White Administrators

This three-part online workshop is designed to be a brave space where white administrators (i.e. Assistant Heads of School, Division Heads, Deans, DEI Directors) can look at their own identity, their school community, and the values that their schools’ aim to incorporate.


Restorative Practices: Repairing Harm, Promoting Healing

Given the current social and political landscape, this workshop will explore the intersection between restorative practices, identity, resiliency, and community healing in the face of racial trauma. During this two-session institute, participants will receive tools and resources, engage in small group discussion, and have the opportunity for individual reflection and application.