Summer Leadership Institute

Jul 30, 2019 9:30AM—Aug 02, 2019 3:30PM


Wilshire Boulevard Temple

Cost $1,600 members; ($2,400 non-members)

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The CATDC Summer Leadership Institute offers educators opportunities to explore, practice, and refine core competencies of independent school leadership. There is an emphasis on the practical skills that educational leaders need in order to supervise, support, and nurture teachers, staff, and others on their teams. Each of the programs in the Summer Leadership Institute includes a deep dive into the research of organizational management as well as practical strategies for participants to apply as soon as they get back to their schools.

Led by Kate Sheppard and Jane Chandler, this year’s Summer Leadership Institute includes two programs that can be taken together or separately:


Providing feedback and leading others can be daunting. By understanding humans’ neurological hardwiring combined with social science research we can crack the code on what factors are needed to create environments where anyone can thrive. Through this two-day deep dive we will explore the benefits and limitations of different leadership styles, theories of motivation, and the critical role of emotional intelligence in leadership. We will also review the feedback model and performance management model to leverage proven strategies for leading effective teams and ensuring positive impact.


  • Effectively provide and receive feedback in a variety of scenarios
  • Articulate the importance of feedback as it relates to an individual’s growth
  • Understand how to facilitate positive cultures of feedback
  • Apply the performance management model to support teacher development
  • Assess relationship to courageous leadership
  • Identify objective vs. evaluative language
  • Appreciate how the nuances of language impact professional relationships


School leaders are often called upon to foster positive change within their schools, and yet end up feeling frustrated with competing demands and realities that too often stand in the way of meaningful and lasting change. Why is leading change so difficult? What strategies and tools can help school leaders better anticipate and navigate the organizational change process? In this unique year-long program, Kate Sheppard and Jane Chandler coach participants through developing and leading a change project within their school.  

The year-long program includes both in-person and online support for educators. It kicks-off with a 2 day intensive classroom experience before the school year begins. Participants will investigate the psychology of change and learn how to most effectively act as a catalyst for change within a complex organizational structure. With this strong basis of principles of change, participants will identify their own change project and, over the course of the year, develop a plan for implementing their project with the ongoing support of the facilitators. The group will meet virtually for following up webinars at least 3 times over the course of the year, and participants will have access to the facilitators via email for ongoing coaching and follow-up.

Bring your change team or attend as an individual and discover the secrets to leading meaningful change!  


  • Understanding of the psychology and immunities related to change
  • Increased self-awareness in creative brain type and its relationship to project management, challenge, and failure
  • Insight on how to ensure engagement and buy-in of change initiatives
  • Ability to recognize distinctions between strategy, structure, organizational culture, institutional beliefs as it relates to change
  • Tools to lead a (doable!) qualitative project designed to catalyze meaningful change/growth within a school
  • Knowledge on how to track and measure indicators of change
  • Ongoing support from facilitators and classmates through a change initiative


  • Two day in-person conference-style learning
  • Three ninety-minute webinars to be scheduled between September and February on the following topics:
    • Launching your change project
    • Analyzing your data, findings, and recommendations
    • Learnings and best next steps
  • Access throughout the year to facilitators via email for individualized coaching/support


If you are traveling from out of town, we recommend staying at The Orlando Hotel. To book your room and receive a discount call (323-330-1788) or email the hotel. Make sure to mention the CATDC to receive a discount.



Jane Chandler loves creating space for compassionate communication, relationship building, and equitable access for all professionals. For the past eleven years as the Director of Mental Health for the YMCA of San Francisco, Jane has worked with community service agencies to strengthen community support and improve resources for youth and families. Jane’s expertise in psychology and human development equips her to work effectively with diverse groups in developing relational trust and mediating conflict.

Kate Sheppard, CATDC Facilitator

Kate Sheppard’s work focuses on helping non-profit and human-service organizations develop leadership, evaluate and articulate impact, and synchronize their actions and ideologies. Kate has expertise in coaching and developing staff, program innovation, program management and evaluation, risk management, fundraising and community development, membership and customer service, volunteer development, qualitative assessment, strategic planning, goal setting, diversity and inclusion practices, time management, and leading organizational change teams.

Cancellation Policy

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