Aaron Mullen

Aaron Mullen joined the Cathedral School For Boys community in 2002. He joined the Cathedral community as the Athletic Director, and his connection with the students is what has motivated him to continue his dedication to the school. His current role as the Director of Inclusion and Student Life allows him to combine his commitment to equity and social justice with his belief that all students should have a voice. He served as the POCIS co-chair from 2014-2016, inspiring diversity practitioners around Northern California to pursue equity in their schools.

Past Workshops

CATDC coach or consultant providing personalized guidance to a teacher, setting goals for professional growth in a 1-1 session.

Surviving and Sustaining: People of Color in Independent Schools

This three-part online workshop serves to encourage local collaboration and provide tangible takeaways that affirm the experiences of People of Color (PoC) in independent schools and the broader community.


From Theory to Action: DEI for White Administrators

This three-part online workshop is designed to be a brave space where white administrators (i.e. Assistant Heads of School, Division Heads, Deans, DEI Directors) can look at their own identity, their school community, and the values that their schools’ aim to incorporate.