Nikkia Young

Nikkia Young, PhD is an equity and racial justice oriented educator, consultant and licensed clinical psychologist. She has served on the teaching faculty at Women’s Therapy Center in Berkeley, CA, Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology, and California School of Professional Psychology. In addition to consulting and presenting nationally and internationally, Nikkia is the Upper School Counselor at Head-Royce School in Oakland, CA. She earned her B.A. in (International) Development Studies from UC Berkeley, her teaching credential from UC Berkeley, Extension, and her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology.

Nikkia’s early career experiences as a gymnastics, dance and martial arts instructor turned Kindergarten teacher taught her to improvise and listen, to integrate movement and play, to keep her heart open during conflict and to attune to the deep needs of a group. From youth activists to business professionals and organizational leaders, Nikkia’s coaching, consultation and workshop participants find inspiration, joyful engagement and the courage to work hard, learn deeply and make change that makes them proud.

Upcoming Workshops


The Neurobiology of Joy and Justice, Part 1: Racial Literacy Bootcamp

The ongoing program is designed to deepen participants’ capacity to think and feel fluidly, intuitively and critically about systemic racism. Through visual facilitation, storytelling, small-group activities, body-centered practices, and whole-group dialogue, participants will develop knowledge, skill and capacity to recognize, resist and reframe racism.

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The Neurobiology of Joy and Justice, Part 2: Roadmap to Resilience and Racial Justice

Building a culture of justice that exists beyond the wounds inflicted on all of us by White supremacy and other forms of domination requires the courage to pass through discord on the paths to harmony and repair. This Cross-Racial PLC offers a much-needed opportunity for us to cultivate the resilience and resources we need to truly examine the ways that White supremacy is embodied within and expressed through each of us.

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Articles & Resources

Video: Online Update with Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Nikkia Young

A world renowned neurobiologist, author and brilliant speaker, Dr. Dan Siegel, discusses his upcoming CATDC Speakers Series event, MWe and Our Interconnected Reality, with Dr. Nikkia Young.

Video: Cultivating Resilience and Attunement on the Path to Racial Integrity

CATDC's Executive Director, Lisa Haney, discusses our upcoming ongoing program, Cultivating Resilience and Attunement on the Path to Racial Integrity with facilitator Nikkia Young, PhD.