Bethany Hellerich, CATDC Facilitator

Bethany Hellerich

Bethany Hellerich (she/her) is an accomplished educator who has worked in independent schools for fourteen years. Her journey began and continues at The Urban School of San Francisco, where she made significant contributions to the advancement of the school's technological infrastructure as both a support lead and interim tech director. In her current role as the Director of UrbanX Programs, Bethany pioneered the development of Urban’s maker space, and skillfully oversees, develops, and teaches inventive, project-based courses that emphasize creativity and technology integration.

Her enthusiasm for educational technology transcends her professional responsibilities. She is a fervent proponent of incorporating cutting-edge technologies in educational settings and has dedicated her spare time to helping other Bay Area schools create design labs and maker spaces of their own. Her unwavering commitment to cultivating innovation and creativity is firmly grounded in her rich tapestry of experiences and academic pursuits. She serves as the curriculum director and education consultant for BotTango, an innovative robotics software and animatronics company that is bringing artistic, creative robotics directly to consumers and classrooms.

Bethany holds undergraduate degrees in English and International Relations from Augsburg University, and has further enhanced her expertise by completing a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania this year.

Current Workshops

Women in Tech workshop

Empowering Women in Tech: A Program for Directors, Coordinators, and Aspiring Leaders in Independent Schools

Join us for this empowering program designed to support your growth and success as a woman leader in technology within the independent school community. Our facilitators will guide sessions to address the multifaceted aspects of the work and provide a platform for participants to share experiences, discuss dynamics, and offer mutual support. This program is open to both current and aspiring women-identified leaders in the field.

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