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Workshop: The Power of Mindful Self-Regulation (LA)



Date: April 16, 2018
Time: 9:00-2:30
Where: Center for Early Education (map)

Fee: $250 Members; ($375 Non-members)


The Power of Mindful Self-Regulation (LA)

Human beings have an incredible ability to choose behavior based on more than what they are feeling. The ability to consciously self-regulate attention, emotion, and behavior is unique in the animal kingdom, and it is associated with just about every measure of well-being and performance. And we know that self-regulation skills can be improved with practice. We will explore the science and practice of self-regulation and how it can be incorporated into schools. 

Building upon the latest research from neuroscience, human behavior, and psychology, participants will:
  • Understand the neurological basis of self-regulation and how it applies to learning, including the relationship between mindful self-regulation and other social & emotional learning (SEL) practices,
  • Examine their capacity for self-regulation, and develop skills to improve and direct self-regulation to maximize performance in their personal and professional life,
  • Engage in mindfulness practices aimed at building self-regulation, and explore the application of such practices in a classroom and school community,
  • Develop strategies for incorporating self-regulation techniques in their schools.
This workshop is designed for K-12 teachers and administrators, those who already use mindfulness techniques within an SEL curriculum and those who are new to this form of well-being!

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Dave Mochel

Dave Mochel

For more than twenty years Dave taught courses in well-being, leadership, and neuroscience in independent schools. He left traditional classroom teaching to found Applied Attention Coaching and Consulting. He works all over the world with individuals, teams, and organizations to help them focus their attention and energy where it will make the greatest positive difference. Using modern research and enduring wisdom, Dave offers principles and practices to create peaceful and powerful lives, relationships, and cultures. Dave has degrees in biology and geology from Williams College, a Master’s in Humanistic and Multicultural Education from SUNY New Paltz, and he has completed a clinical internship in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.
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