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Workshop: The Art of Leading Educators: Feedback, Performance Management, and Motivation (LA)


Day 1

Date: November 29, 2018
Time: 9:30-3:00
Where: The Oaks School (map)

Day 2

Date: November 30, 2018
Time: 9:30-3:00
Where: The Oaks School (map)

Fee: $600 Members; ($900 Non-members)


The Art of Leading Educators: Feedback, Performance Management, and Motivation (LA)

Providing feedback and leading others can be daunting. By understanding humans’ neurological hardwiring combined with social science research we can crack the code on what factors are needed to create environments where anyone can thrive. Through this two-day deep dive we will explore the benefits and limitations of different leadership styles, theories of motivation, and the critical role of emotional intelligence in leadership. We will also review the feedback model and performance management model to leverage proven strategies for leading effective teams and ensuring positive impact.

Primary Learning Outcomes

By participating in this course participants will gain:

  • Understanding of how to facilitate positive cultures of feedback and effectively provide and receive feedback in a variety of scenarios
  • The ability to integrate the performance management model to support teacher/staff development
  • Practice in applying different leadership styles
  • Increased capacity to leverage the intrinsic motivation of individuals and teams
  • Self-awareness, self-management, and relationship management strategies and increased capacity to apply these learnings to leadership

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Kate Sheppard

Kate Sheppard

Kate Sheppard’s work focuses on helping non-profit and human-service organizations develop leadership, evaluate and articulate impact, and synchronize their actions and ideologies. Kate has expertise in coaching and developing staff, program innovation, program management and evaluation, risk management, fundraising and community development, membership and customer service, volunteer development, qualitative assessment, strategic planning, goal setting, diversity and inclusion practices, time management, and leading organizational change teams. Kate’s studies for her Master’s program in Human Development focused on Self-Esteem in the Workplace, ensuring agencies are best equipped to uplift and empower staff. She especially loves working with organizations committed to creating environments where staff can thrive. Since 1996, Kate has worked and volunteered for several Bay Area and national non-profit organizations with emphasis in staff development and training. For the past fifteen years, Kate has worked for the YMCA of San Francisco. In her current role in the Staff Development Department, she develops leaders at all levels of the organization, facilitates cultural change, evaluates impact, and effects meaningful growth. Kate has worked for the past seven years as a Senior Associate for Dialogues in Action, where she has lead projects for human-service organizations worldwide. Kate lives in San Francisco with her four(!) wonderful children, amazing partner, and adoring dog, Kekoa.
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