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Workshop: Restorative Justice in the Independent School Environment (Bay Area)


Day 1

Date: June 18, 2018
Time: 9:00-3:00
Where: San Francisco Day School (map)

Day 2

Date: June 19, 2018
Time: 9:00-3:00
Where: San Francisco Day School (map)

Fee: $600 Members; ($900 Non-members)


Restorative Justice in the Independent School Environment (Bay Area)

How can we use Restorative Justice to support a diverse, more empathetic community in Independent Schools?

San Francisco Day School implements Restorative Justice as a framework to support the range of diverse learners in their community. One goal of Restorative Justice or “RJ” is to help students “repair the harm” when they have broken community agreements. Restorative practices align with their diversity work, social-emotional practices, and community norms to support a more inclusive environment.

In this two-day workshop, learn how to rethink school discipline issues so that the emphasis is on “What happened?! And how do we make it right?” Facilitated by a team from San Francisco Day School, comprised of an administrator, diversity director, teacher, and counselor who collaborate to support RJ, this workshop will allow participants to explore restorative practices and consider how “RJ” may work in their schools.

Designed for teachers, counselors, and administrators across the K-12 experience, this dynamic, experiential workshop will cover the following topics.

Day 1: Foundational Work in Restorative Practices

  • What is Restorative Justice and how does it differ from traditional discipline practices?
  • What are ways RJ is used through an independent school lens?
  • How can RJ guiding questions and principles help identify and reinforce values in schools?
  • How does RJ connect to diversity and inclusion language to support school climate and culture?
  • How do Social Emotional Learning frameworks and RJ help support student behavior expectations already in place?

Day 2:  Using an RJ Lens to Develop a Working Plan

Attendees will be encouraged to bring “dilemma” scenarios, student handbooks, and school artifacts to work with as they imagine RJ at their schools. The facilitators will provide sample documents, question frames and templates to support this work.  The goal will be for attendees to leave with a working document or set of protocols tailored to their individual school contexts.

Workshop facilitators will request information from attendees to help guide a more responsive, inclusive, and engaging work time.

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Ruth Bissell

Ruth Bissell

Dr. Bissell has worked in both independent and public schools for the past fifteen years. She graduated with a B.A. in anthropology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, obtained a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Massachusetts, and holds an M.A. in educational leadership from the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Bissell's passion for examining and understanding human behavior has provided unique perspective to pedagogy in middle and high school settings. She has used her anthropological training to support diverse learning experiences and teaching practices. Over her fifteen years in education she has implemented restorative practices with middle school and high school students that has included the development of peer courts, the use of co-crafted restorative contracts, redesign of schoolwide discipline policies, teacher and parent education on restorative approaches. She is the current middle school division head at SF Day and committed to using restorative practices to support student learning.
Betsy Brody

Betsy Brody

Betsy Brody has been working in educational institutions for 27 years, both in the classroom and as an administrator. Her journey began in France where she taught ELL ranging in age from 5 to 85 in public schools, specialized educational industries, and private homes. Upon her return to San Francisco, she worked in a bilingual independent school, providing administrative support to the middle and high school principals for a few years before joining the admissions office. Her belief in the essential value of cross-cultural communication drives her personal and professional commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, a framework she has applied for over a decade as Director of High School Admission. Four years ago she joined San Francisco Day School as Director of High School Counseling and Co-Director of Diversity.
Loren Moyé

Loren Moyé

Loren Moyé has been teaching for twenty-six years, nineteen of those years at San Francisco Day School. Prior to coming to SF Day, he taught in the San Francisco Unified School District. His teaching experience covers third and fourth grades, all subjects, and seventh and eighth grade math. He was formerly a co-director of Aim High, a free summer program for low income middle school youth in the Bay area. He is currently the Director of Diversity and Dean of Faculty at SF Day and on the staff for the National SEED Project.
Jackie Richards

Jackie Richards

Jackie Richards is a licensed psychotherapist and the Upper School Counselor at San Francisco Day School, and has worked in private independent, public and charter schools over the past 11 years. As Counselor, she brings an understanding of neuroscience and how to regulate the nervous system through mindful practices and awareness to students and teachers alike. She supports 5th-8th grade students build relationships and community across difference through restorative justice practices.
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