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Workshop: Mindfulness for Teachers, Staff, and Administrators (Bay Area)



Date: October 16, 2018
Time: 9:00-3:00
Where: The Bay School of San Francisco (map)

Fee: $275 members; ($400 non-members)


Mindfulness for Teachers, Staff, and Administrators (Bay Area)

Maintaining a caring interest in and engaged enthusiasm for our work requires time to regenerate and recharge. Whether we are K-12 teachers, administrators, or school staff, the effects of stress and depletion can seep into all aspects of our work and often trickle down to those we care about the most. Research shows that mindfulness practices provide powerful antidotes to school-related pressures and rich opportunities to grow in our abilities to manage stress and engage more compassionately with those whose lives we impact.

Be nourished while getting trained this October at this retreat-like workshop, offering precious time to develop your capacities to be more present and compassionate with students, parents, and colleagues as well as your families and yourselves. This workshop will focus on learning about and practicing simple but effective mindfulness methods that can be incorporated easily into your routine at work and home and also shared with students one on one or in a classroom setting.

We will be learning how to use the breath to calm the nervous system and focus attention, identify and ease stress and difficult emotions, and intentionally cultivate more kindness and compassion. In addition to learning all of these techniques for future use, participants will experience immediate benefits from our day together and will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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Kate Munding

Kate Munding

Mindfulness practice has been at the core of Kate's life since 2004. Her teaching style and techniques stem from traditional Buddhist meditation and philosophies, coupled with secular mindfulness methods and applications. Kate started teaching mindfulness in the Oakland schools in 2008 for Mindful Schools. She soon after became the Director of Training and developed mindfulness training programs for educators, parents, psychologists, and health care providers. In 2012, Kate started Heart-Mind Education to continue developing her work in the classrooms as well as direct training to faculties. In her career, she has had the privilege of teaching mindful awareness and compassion to over 2000 K-12 students and about 2500 professionals working with kids. Kate is also a co-founder of Compassionate Leaders Bay Area and a meditation/retreat teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.
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