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Workshop: Curricular and Pedagogical Discussion: Current Events in the History and Social Science Classroom (LA)



Date: March 8, 2018
Time: 9:00-12:00
Where: Harvard-Westlake Middle School (map)

Fee: $100 Members; ($150 Non-members)


Curricular and Pedagogical Discussion: Current Events in the History and Social Science Classroom (LA)

In partnership with Harvard-Westlake School and The Archer School for Girls, the CATDC is hosting a meeting for middle and high school history faculty to discuss best practices and strategies of inclusion of current events in the history and social science classroom. As educators, we want our students to be well-informed about the events happening in the world around them, and administrators, parents, and students often look to us to discuss major events occurring in the nation. How do we have these discussions in a way that is authentic to the curriculum? Moreover, as the United States becomes more polarized in its political opinions, discussing current events in the classroom can be difficult and contentious. How do we have these discussions whilst maintaining respect for all political points of view? This meeting will explore these topics through structured discussions and small group breakouts.  

In small groups, we will explore the following questions:

  • How do we authentically integrate current events into our curriculum?
  • How do we create a classroom environment in which different perspectives and points of view can be expressed without fear of judgement or criticism?
  • How can the teacher skillfully facilitate current event discussions in a way that promotes student learning and fosters an inclusive classroom culture?

The workshop is appropriate to 6th-12th grade teachers.

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Bethany Neubauer

Bethany Neubauer

Bethany Neubauer is the History Department chair at the Archer School for Girls, an independent girls school for grades 6-12 in Brentwood, CA. In her 20+ years in independent schools, she has taught history at both the middle and upper school levels and served as a class dean. Before her 13 years at Archer, Bethany taught at the Fieldston School in New York City and the Cambridge School of Weston in Massachusetts.
Matthew Cutler

Matthew Cutler

Matthew Cutler has taught history for the last fourteen years at Harvard-Westlake Middle School, an independent co-ed school for grades 7-12 in Los Angeles. Although he is now serves as a member of the academic dean team at Harvard-Westlake, Matthew was chair of the Middle School history department between 2013 and 2017. Besides his work at Harvard-Westlake, Matthew also serves as an adjunct assistant professor of history at Los Angeles Valley College.
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