Our Approach

We all have resources and expertise to share, and a need to grow. CATDC fosters collaboration within and among schools with the firm conviction that collaborative environments amplify new understandings, enrich our professional journeys, and lead  to better outcomes for students.


A Learning Hub for California Educators


Informed by current research in the field of education and responsive to the unique needs of our member schools, we provide excellent professional learning opportunities for every stage of an educator’s career, facilitated by experts from across the nation and from within our own school communities.

A Variety of Learning Opportunities and Ongoing Support


One to two-day intensives respond to current trends in education and bring educators together with experts from within and beyond our schools to develop new skills, capacity, and knowledge.



Ongoing Programs

Ongoing programs are uniquely designed for and led by independent school educators with an emphasis on building strong relationships, sharing innovative practices, and developing leadership capacity.

Summer Institutes

Summer Institutes provide the opportunity for a deep dive into our pillars: leadership, social and emotional learning, equity and inclusion, and curriculum and pedagogy.



Networking opportunities and special events bring educators together to share ideas and resources.


Pillars of Learning



Whether you are a classroom teacher, an aspiring leader, or an experienced administrator, our programs provide you with the opportunity to develop key skills and habits of mind to lead effective teams in positive, impactful ways.



With a focus on fostering joyous, safe, healthy, and supportive school communities, these programs provide tools and strategies to support the emotional well-being of students and adults.



Informed by the latest educational research, our programs provide opportunities to improve classroom practices and design coursework that will lead to more engaging and meaningful learning experiences for your students.



To ensure all students and school stakeholders have the opportunity to learn and thrive in our schools, we offer equity-centered programs that will increase your capacity to create responsive classrooms, inclusive curricula, affinity spaces, and school communities that are supportive of everyone.