Global Gathering LA: Schools of Purpose

May 16, 2019 10:30AM—May 17, 2019 1:00PM


Oakwood School

Cost $375

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Global Gatherings are regional conversations, driven by teachers and rotating between schools, on world-connected learning. The question behind this year’s Global Gathering is: "How can K-12 schools help students explore, discover and articulate a sense of purpose at an earlier age?”

Global Gathering LA: Schools of Purpose is organized by World Leadership School and will be hosted by Oakwood School in Los Angeles, CA in collaboration with the California Teacher Development Collaborative.

This conference will include a blend of educator development experiences. On Thursday, participants will experience a process for helping educators clarify their own purpose. We start from the premise that educators have to do the hard work of clarifying purpose before they can coach students to do the same. Along the way, we will explore the theory and science of youth purpose and understand why it’s a game changer not only for our students, but for our schools. We use Stanford University’s definition of purpose as a “stable intention that is both meaningful to self and beneficial to the world.”

Also on Thursday, educators from different schools will showcase their work around purpose learning, which range from advisory and college counseling programs focused on helping students develop inner knowledge, to innovation and place-based learning programs which help students take action in the world.

Friday's deep drive tracks allow participants to go deep in one particular area of purpose learning, in order to leave the conference with curricular tools and takeaways for their school.


EXPLORE: 45-50 minute workshop focused on how you are integrating purpose-learning into your discipline.

DEEP DIVE​: 2 hour workshop co-led by two or three presenters centering on a relevant aspect of the theme "Schools of Purpose".

UNCONFERENCE: No need to sign up now! Just make sure to bring a topic or questions that INTERESTS you to Global Gathering, post it in the morning at registration and facilitate a discussion centered on your topic with attendees.

Deadline for all proposals is March 21, 2019.