Emily Grossberg, CATDC Facilitator

Emily Grossberg

Emily Grossberg has been an educator for over two decades, bringing a wealth of experience in adult learning. After serving as a classroom teacher in schools predominantly serving marginalized communities and being recognized for SEL teaching and high student achievement results, she shifted her focus to supporting the amazing educators in their mission to teach and inspire.

Known for building strong relationships and honing her listening and facilitation skills, Emily’s career encompasses roles such as lead instructional coach, school administrator, national consultant, residency director, and professor. As a systems thinker and goal-oriented problem solver, she is passionate about empowering teachers and schools to help students achieve their fullest potential by means that are unique to their identities, contexts and communities.

Current Workshops

Independent school teacher facilitating productive discourse with and students.

Reflecting on Practice: Teaching Tools and Support for Experienced Educators

This ongoing program is for K-12 educators who have experience beyond the early-years of teaching and who are looking to reflect and expand on their practice. We will explore effective strategies and foster the exchange of ideas in a supportive cohort to address some of the challenges that are hindering participants’ ability to shine as their best selves as educators.

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