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Past Workshops


This workshop supports middle and high school teachers who want to strengthen their skills as advisors through learning about adolescent development and then practicing the best ways to have challenging conversations with students. Teachers practice counseling tools and specific protocols for working one-on-one with students. Group discussion includes how to support a student who is going through crisis and ways to effectively build trust, gain insight and refer out when needed.


LOS ANGELES     2014

Blended Learning

Blended Learning can change what teachers and students “do” in class and at home in ways that strengthen curriculum and learning. With the guidance from Bay Area education technology specialists, participants probe the possibilities of blended learning as they work on projects of their choosing. Together the group learns what the research is saying about blended learning and discovers tools and approaches for blended learning skills, activities, and curricula.

Cultures of Thinking with Ron Ritchhart

We offer one-day, two-day, or multiple session workshops with Senior Research Associate at Harvard’s Project Zero, Ron Ritchhart. The focus is on the practical and concrete ways educators can create a culture of thinking in their schools and classrooms, foster the kinds of thinking opportunities that lead to deep understanding of content, and how to look for evidence of student thinking and understanding.

LOS ANGELES     2014     |     2015

Department Chairs Program

The Department Chairs Program provides the opportunity for exploring the multilayered challenges of this unique position and supports its participants in becoming more effective and satisfied in their work. In addition to supporting department chairs in their work, the DCP explores educational leadership and what it means to lead as a teacher while advancing the professional and departmental goals they have identified.

SAN FRANCISCO     2015-2016     |     2016-2017

LOS ANGELES     2016-2017

Early Literacy

This workshop is designed to support teachers, curriculum developers, and academic program administrators with strategies to help students strengthen their reading and comprehension. Participants learn how to establish, operate, and sustain literature circles including setting expectations for discussions, guided practice, discussion immersion, and how to assess the students in the groups. The workshop provides a series of lessons, as well as ideas and examples for immediate use in the classroom.


LOS ANGELES     2016

Early Years of Teaching

Whether one has taught for five weeks or five years, educators in the first years of this profession have much to learn—how to design lessons; how to assess student work; how to manage a classroom; how to communicate with colleagues and parents; how to manage their time—among so much else. This one-day workshop focuses on the core elements of teaching, as well as provides space for participants to explore their own questions and conundrums that have arisen this year.

LOS ANGELES     2015

Equity as Excellence

The goal of Equity as Excellence workshop is to understand the research and pedagogical practices that support equitable, diverse, and excellent K-12 schools. We focus on three areas for study and reflection: multicultural education and the field’s development over time, examples of inclusive classroom lessons and teaching strategies, and support for administrators in leading a diverse community. Each day includes curriculum design along with leadership strategies that promote equity and sustain excellence.


Experienced Administrators

As leadership demands more than management and problem solving, the Experienced Administrators program invites division heads, deans, and assistant heads to explore the domain of vision. How do we practice trellis envisioning? How do we nourish the imaginative work that undergirds innovation? How do we align a vision with a structure for implementation and growth? Together, with fellow colleagues from peer schools, this group engages in conversation that explores strengths and challenges in leading from the middle.

SAN FRANCISCO     2014-2015     |     2015-2016    

Graphic Facilitation and Visual Thinking

Research has confirmed that students are highly visual learners and more easily engaged with visual information. This workshop helps teachers understand the benefits of visual thinking and graphic facilitation in the classroom. Furthermore, participants understand how to utilize graphic facilitation strategies, and begin to develop a personal practice.


Leadership 101

The Leadership 101 program is designed for school leaders in their first five years in positions with administrative, management, and/or supervisory responsibilities. This program helps participants demystify and develop key process skills of an effective school leader: self-awareness, project planning, facilitation and building a following. The group examines and discusses personal experiences, case studies, and resources from experts, building a network of support and adding competencies for success in the life of an administrator.

SAN FRANCISCO     2014-2015     |     2015-2016     |     2016-2017

LOS ANGELES     2015-2016     

Lesson Planning

The Lesson Planning program is designed for teachers with at least three years of experience who want to practice the craft of lesson planning in a way that deepens an understanding of both students and subject matter while promoting professional growth. Participants strengthen their lesson planning skills while developing a complete lesson in each session. This group practices integrating goals, content, activities, and forms of assessment in lessons that enable students to construct and retain understanding.

Mastering Group Facilitation

Whether you are a teacher, department head, group leader, or administrator, you know the power and impact of excellent facilitation. Groups reach new levels of creativity, productivity,and innovation with the support of a strong facilitator.You will leave the workshop with new tools, tactics, and a personalized work plan containing strategies to improve your technique.

SAN FRANCISCO     2014     |     2015    |    2016    

LOS ANGELES     2014     |     2015   |   2016

Navigating Those Tricky Conversations

This workshop is for teachers and administrators who want to strengthen their skills when working with other adults by: identifying the various types of conversations that typically happen in school and thinking through how to approach each one, planning strategically for challenging conversations in advance to better assess for nuance and outcome, and practicing for unannounced/drop-in meetings and conversations that do not unfold as expected.

SAN FRANCISCO     2015     |     2016

LOS ANGELES     2015   

Sixth Grade: Smart, Social and Self-Aware

As students move into sixth grade there are new challenges they encounter.  This workshop presents an opportunity for both seasoned veterans and teachers in the early stages of their careers to contemplate and discuss the many issues that arise when looking at the role of the sixth grade classroom in today’s schools. The goal of this workshop is to provide teachers with tools to help develop a curriculum that addresses sixth grade students’ changing needs.

Teaching Foundations

The Teaching Foundations program is designed to support the growth and success of all teachers—particularly those in their early years at independent schools—by focusing on foundational areas of classroom teaching. Sessions are organized around designing curriculum, developing pedagogical techniques, creating effective classroom environments and cultures, building successful professional relationships, and sustaining a career in teaching.

SAN FRANCISCO     2014     |     2015    |    2016

Women in Leadership

This annual conference devoted just to women working in independent schools provides the time and space for conversation and collegiality.  In addition to the sharing of personal and professional journeys, there is ample time to build connections.

SAN FRANCISCO     2015     |     2016    |    2017

LOS ANGELES     2015     |     2016     |     2017

Women Rising

Whether you are a classroom teacher, dean, department chair or aspiring Head of School, as women we often navigate particular challenges when it comes to decision making and understanding your authentic leadership style. This group is open to anyone interested in gender and leadership—teachers, administrators and those aspiring to change role or style in some way. The spirit and connection of this group is part of its power. For anyone who seeks a safe, supportive professional community of women outside of your own school, this group is for you!

SAN FRANCISCO     2014-2015     |     2015-2016

LOS ANGELES     2015-2016

LOVED it! I was so inspired afterwards. Would really like to host a CATDC conference on our campus at Brentwood. Thank you for an incredibly helpful and motivating day!
Women in Leadership participant
Thank you for your time, insight, and sharing of hard work. I came away with new lesson plans and am integrating your helpful language and scaffolding into my reading groups as we transition next month.
Early Literacy participant


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