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Upcoming Workshops and Events

– Upcoming Workshops –
San Francisco Bay Area Stand & Deliver: Women Speaking to Inspire (Bay Area)
5 paragraph essay mice and men Mar 1
Facilitator: Stand & Deliver

follow link Fostering Mathematical Thinking (Bay Area)
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Facilitator: David Louis

source url Restorative Justice in the Independent School Environment (Bay Area)
here June 18-19
Facilitators: Ruth Bissell, Betsy Brody, Loren Moyé, Jackie Richards From Busy to Intentional (Bay Area)
nus thesis database June 20-21
Facilitator: Andrew Davis Equity as Excellence (Bay Area)
source link July 17-20
Facilitators: Elizabeth Denevi, Milton Reynolds, Dr. Howard Stevenson, and more!

buy pre written research papers literature review Mastering Group Facilitation (SF)
custom writing in 24 hrs July 31-Aug 2
Facilitator: David Barkan

what is a case analysis paper krispy kreme Mastering Group Facilitation (East Bay)
go to site Aug 13-15
Facilitator: David Barkan

essay apa format Teaching Foundations (Bay Area) Aug 7-10, Oct 18, Feb 7
Facilitators: Malika Carter, Lori Cohen, Leslie Powell

– Upcoming Workshops –
Southern California Navigating Gender and Sexuality Diversity in PreK-12 (LA) Feb 21
Facilitator: Jennifer Bryan Concussion Champions in the School Setting (LA)
to help with history homework Mar 5
Facilitator: Dr. Chris Giza, MD

homework assistance sites Current Events in the History and Social Science Classroom (LA)
source url Mar 8
Facilitators: Bethany Neubauer & Matthew Cutler Developing a Diversity-Responsive Curriculum (LA) Mar 14

Facilitator: Elizabeth Denevi

go Navigating Those Tricky Conversations (LA)
click Mar 20
9:00-2:30 Facilitators:Rachel Concannon and Leslie Powell

source link The Power of Mindful Self-Regulation (LA)
click April 16
Facilitator:Dave Mochel Curriculum Mapping for the Contemporary Learner (LA)
anderson the fischer-tropsch synthesis June 18-20
Facilitator: Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs

thesis builder Teaching Foundations (LA) July 31-Aug 3, Oct 19, Feb 8
Facilitators: Lori Cohen, and more! Mastering Group Facilitation (LA)
analytical writing essay sample Aug 7-9
Facilitator: David Barkan

follow link Growing Teacher Relationships (LA) Aug 10
Facilitators: Josie Bahedry and Jennie Willens

essays on community service Social and Emotional Learning Institute (LA)
go here Aug 14-15
Facilitators: Elizabeth McLeod, Rush Sabiston Frank, Dan Sweeney, Janice Toben

The CATDC creates engaging learning experiences for teachers and leaders by focusing locally and supporting dynamic collaborations that spark innovation and foster excellence in education.

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