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Workshop: Women in Leadership (SF)

Women in Leadership (SF)

follow link source site Yes… And: Making Our Way as Leaders Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual; we’re all improvising as we build our careers as educators. How can we harness “ here Yes… And” thinking to make the most of our opportunities for leadership, whatever our particular role or circumstance may be? How can we develop the habits of authenticity, vision, and creativity to be transformative leaders? Join like-minded independent school women for inspiring discussions, engaging skill-building sessions, and a one-of-a-kind opportunity for networking and building our community. Let’s dive in to “ essays by american writers Yes… And” to inspire real change in ourselves and in our schools!

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Dr. Jennifer Brokaw

Dr. Jennifer Brokaw

Jennifer Brokaw, an emergency physician and patient advocate, is the founder of C2it Health, which provides patients and their families with planning tools for managing serious illness and end-of-life decisions. Jennifer is a passionate leader about end-of-life planning, in part because the burden of healthcare surrogacy falls overwhelmingly on women. She is currently experiencing this in her own life supporting her father, television journalist Tom Brokaw, in his struggle with multiple myeloma. Jennifer has written for and the Washington Post, and has spoken at TEDx Stanford and Chicago Ideas Week. She is the mother of two daughters, Claire (20) and Meredith (17).
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