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Workshop: Mastering Group Facilitation – SF

Mastering Group Facilitation – SF Whether you are a teacher, department head, group leader, or administrator, you know the power and impact of excellent facilitation. Groups reach new levels of creativity, productivity,and innovation with the support of a strong facilitator. But what does it take to play that pivotal role? How does one consistently lead groups through complex, sometimes tense, discussions and decisions? How can these competencies be applied in the classroom as well as the conference room? “Mastering Group Facilitation” focuses on answering these questions. If working towards mastery in this area is a priority, then this dynamic 3-day session is for you.

Workshop Focus

  • Facilitating under pressure
  • Creative thinking & decision-making
  • Chart-writing & action-planning
  • Confronting difficult dynamics
  • Leading collaboration

math essay You will leave the workshop with new tools, tactics, and a personalized work plan containing strategies to improve your technique. The workshop is designed to boost the confidence and competence of participants in their quest to help groups do their very best work. Our presenter will be David Barkan, a nationally recognized facilitator and consultant who has trained many educators to discover their strengths as leaders in schools.


David Barkan

David Barkan

David Barkan is the founder of the Barkan Consulting Group, based In San Anselmo, CA. As Principal Consultant, David leads consultations and trainings throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, across the country, and around the globe. He also works at the state and national level on special projects. David Barkan has earned a national and international reputation as a master facilitator, and has trained over one thousand managers and consultants in the art of participatory group facilitation. Barkan holds a B.A in Psychology from Boston University (1982), and M.A. from Lesley College in Counseling Psychology (1985), and a Ph.D. from The Center for Psychological Studies in Organizational and Clinical Psychology (1996). He also completed a three year practicum at Community at Work in Organization Development (1991), and was trained at the Equity Institute in Multi-Cultural Organizational Development (1992).

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