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Workshop: Becoming a “Diversity Responsive” School (LA)



Date: April 19, 2017
Time: 9:00-2:30
Where: Marlborough School (map)

Fee: $350 Members; ($475 Non-members)


Becoming a “Diversity Responsive” School (LA)

In today’s climate, how can schools actively connect the value of diversity to academic excellence? How do we ensure that our culture and programs support all of our students and promote academic success across the board? As we have moved from notions of “cultural competency” and “inclusion” to more equity-based practices, how do we make sure we are poised to adeptly address any issues of difference and equity that come our way?

Utilizing both research and proven school policies, we will examine the topics of social class, race, and gender identity/expression via case studies. We will provide both pedagogical and curricular frameworks that teachers and administrators can apply to their current work in schools. We will work in small groups as well as in division-specific groups to explore the best outcomes for each case study. Participants will leave with a set of guidelines they can relate to both challenges and opportunities present in their own school communities.

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Elizabeth Denevi

Elizabeth Denevi

Elizabeth Denevi is the Associate Director for Mid West Educational Collaborative, a non-profit agency that works with schools nationally to increase equity, promote diversity pedagogy, and implement strategic processes for growth and development. Previously, she served as Director of Studies & Professional Development at Latin School of Chicago. In this position, Elizabeth was responsible for the stewardship and integration of curriculum from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, as well as for the oversight and coordination of professional development and evaluation for all faculty.
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