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CATDC Ambassadors

Josie Bahedry, Village Director, Chadwick School
Gary Baldwin, Upper School Director, Westridge School
Jonathan Beckmann, Assistant Head of School, Los Encinos School
Diane Bender, Teacher, Turning Point School
Krystal Combs, 6th Grade Teacher, Curtis School
Sarah Cooper, Dean of Faculty, Flintridge Preparatory School
Brandy Curry, Performing Arts Chair, Campbell Hall
Jackie Enterante, 4th Grade Teacher, Westside Neighborhood School
Maria Escobedo, Faculty Member, Turning Point School
Allen Foster, PE Instructor, Mirman School
Regan Galvan, Middle School Teacher, Harvard-Westlake Middle School
Gemma Giddings, Assistant Head of School, Westridge School
Lisa Gumina, Dean of Teaching and Learning, Vistamar School
Daniel Gutierrez, Co-Director Center for Teaching and Learning, Windward School
Vanessa Harrington, 5th Grade Teacher, Viewpoint School
Marybeth Heyd, Assistant Head of School, Center for Early Education
Elizabeth Iason, Second Grade Teacher, Curtis School
Stacey Koff, Assistant Head of School DK-4th Grade, Westside Neighborhood School
Janet Koiles, Math Specialist, Curtis School
Lisa Lamont, Education Technology Integrationist, Windward School
Stephanie Leung, Lower School Director, Mirman School
Margaret Lofgren, Upper School Director, Foothill Country Day School
Suzanne Lyons, Lower School Assistant Director, Brentwood School
Paula Martin, Lower School Director, Polytechnic School
Tracy Miller, Dean of Faculty, Buckley School
Deborah Monroe, Upper School Head, Webb Schools
Megan O’Keefe, 8th Grade Teacher, Wildwood School
Linda Polan, First Grade Teacher, Curtis School
Peter Reinke, Assistant Head of School, Buckley School
Dietrich Schuhl, Dean of Faculty and Staff, Harvard-Westlake High School
Deborah Seidner, 1st Grade Teacher, Curtis School
Sarah Simon, 2nd Grade Teacher, Wildwood School
Molly Sims, Integration Specialist, Curtis School
Nathan Stogdill, English Department Chair, Polytechnic School
Melissa Strong, Assistant Director of Middle School, Viewpoint School
Alex Velasco, Lower School Literary Specialist & Dean of Students (3-5), Polytechnic School
Kaitlin Walsh, Kindergarten Teacher, Curtis School
Brian Wogensen, English Department Chair, Archer School for Girls
Cathleen Wolff, Faculty Member, Echo Horizon School

Our Ambassadors are school faculty who know and have experienced the Collaborative’s innovative approach to professional development and can both represent the CATDC in their schools and represent their school to the CATDC. Through the Ambassadors, we hope to reach more teachers and share information about our upcoming workshops and programs. In addition, the Ambassadors will be important in sharing the needs, interests, and goals of each school with the CATDC as we create new programming.

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